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On Tuesday, Shane McMahon revealed that his match with Kevin Owens at this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell show will not only be inside the Cell, but it will also have a falls count anywhere stipulation.

By adding a falls count anywhere stipulation to the Shane vs. Owens match, WWE is pretty much telling you that the match will finish outside the ring, and that the finish will likely follow the usual Shane McMahon stunt.

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On Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez talked about why WWE may have added the additional stipulation the Cell match, saying that WWE might actually pre-record Shane’s stunt backstage with a stunt double to make sure that the blue brand’s commissioner, who is 47 years old, doesn’t get seriously injured.

“So, what’s the point of announcing that it’s a falls count anywhere match, except that maybe they were going over various ideas, and Shane decided ‘you know what, I’m old and I have a family, I really don’t wanna kill myself,’ and so they’re gonna do a pre-tape with a stunt man of something really stupid happening backstage, and they can do the finish there and not risk anybody’s life.”