Shadia Bseiso, WWE’s first ever female signee from The Middle East, recently spoke with The LA Times, and below are some interview highlights:

“On the fourth day, just before we all went home, Matt Bloom [WWE’s head trainer] pulled me aside and said, ‘Are you ready to move to the U.S.?’”

“How [do you]tell your parents you want to be the next WWE superstar? You don’t tell them except in person,” Bseiso said. She added that they were “extremely supportive” when she did finally tell them.

WWE Executive Canyon Cemen on the portrayal of Middle Eastern characters in WWE:

“Now you neither want to nor can you get away with that so easily,” Cemen said. “There is evolving complexity over how to portray someone’s cultural heritage in a way that it is respected, interesting and creates love or animosity in the audience.”

“Shadia has to make a character that will get a reaction, and it’s our writers job to make sure it’s not offensive even while being subtle, culturally sensitive, intelligent and interesting.”

Bseiso on her goals in WWE and responsibility being the first Middle Eastern woman in the company:

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“It’s something I don’t take lightly,” she said.

“I don’t know wrestling yet, but I’m going to be as good as I can be,” she added. “I’m in this to headline Wrestlemania. I want it all.”

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The LA Times