Defiant Wrestling Chain Reaction
Manchester, England
Results Courtesy of Hashtag Wrestling 

Defiant Wrestling, unfortunately, had some major problems with the show due to the building they were running having a major power cut during the event. This cut out the stream for a  period of time and meant that the upload of the show hasn’t happened yet.

(1) Zack Gibson def. Rampage

Drake comes out, he says he is fed up with being overlooked and says he wants to kill all gimmicks and wants Defiant to send him a gimmick to kill… out comes Amir Jordan!

(2) Drake def. Amir Jordan

(3) Gabriel Kidd def. Jurn Simmons

Joe Hendry appeared and takes credit for the power cut, he calls out Defiant GM, Stu Bennett and tries to bribe him to put him on Team Defiant, Bennett says he has some bad news, Hendry then rips up the restraining order against Travis Banks but Bennett still doesn’t put him on the team.

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(4) El Ligero & David Starr def. Chris Brookes & Mike Bailey

It’s announced that Chris Brookes, Mike Bailey, David Starr & Travis Banks will compete in a Four-Way match for the vacant Defiant Internet Championship next week on Defiant’s YouTube Show!

NoDQ Match

(5) The South Coast Connection (Ashley Dunn & Kelly Sixx) def. The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter)

Rampage is revealed as the fifth member of Team Defiant!

Defiant Women’s Championship Match

(6) Millie McKenzie def. Champion, Kay Lee Ray to become the new champion

Winner Takes All Ten Man Elimination Match- If Team Defiant wins, IPW is gone, If Team IPW wins they take over Defiant

(7) Team Defiant (Martin Kirby, Defiant Tag Team Champion, Primate, Travis Banks, BT Gunn & Rampage) def. Team IPW (Defiant World, IPW World, Impact Global & Impact Grand Champion, Austin Aries, Mark Haskins, Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) & Chief Deputy Dunne)

Order of elimination: Fletcher eliminated Primate, Rampage eliminated Fletcher, Kirby eliminated Dunne, Davis eliminated Gunn, Aries eliminated Banks, Kirby eliminated Aries, Haskins eliminated Kirby, Rampage eliminated Davis, Rampage eliminated Haskins