During the recent E&C Pod Of Awesomeness, WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge, gave his thoughts on which WrestleMania 34 match confused him as well as Roman Reigns’ main event flopping. Below are some highlights of the podcast, with a h/t to Rajah.com for the transcription.

Which match confused Edge:

“The Taker/Cena thing… I’m confused,” Edge admitted. “Yeah, even sitting in the crowd and running to the back. And then, what was it, a five-minute match or something? Was it? I mean, who knows going into it what limitations there are or anything like that, but, man, there was an opportunity to have a dream match at WrestleMania and it felt lost somehow. I don’t know. It was just odd. I guess that’s what it really was to me.”

Roman Reigns main event falling foul to a long WrestleMania show:

“I think that [has]affected Reigns two years in a row now,” said Edge. “You want to be in the main event, but you’re in the main event after six-and-a-half hours of wrestling. That’s a tough position to be in, no matter who you are, to try and keep a crowd engaged. It is too long, but I get the flip side. You’re trying to get people on the show.”

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E&C Pod Of Awesomeness

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