Braun Strowman was a recent guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he discussed how Vince McMahon has helped frame his character and more. Below are some highlights from the interview with a h/t to for the transcription.

Vince McMahon being hands-on:

“Vince McMahon is a genius and he has been hands on with the development of Braun Strowman and all of the stunts that we do and the segments, and it’s working. There is no ‘ifs,’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts.’ I am enjoying the process. I am having such an amazing time traveling around the world, entertaining my fans and seeing the kids and everything. It is really humbling to me. I am a country boy in a little small town of Sherrills Ford, North Carolina and I have an unbelievable job. Every big stunt that you have seen, he [McMahon] has been there. It’s funny, because a couple of times we have had to edit him out because he’d make the accidental Stan Lee appearance in the thing, and you see him stepping out, but yeah, he steps out from meetings and everything and tries to go out there and tries to put RAW together and make sure everything is perfect in how he wants it, which is why it is working.”

Being a top babyface after debuting as a heel:

“That was the thing; I wanted to be a bad guy, and they [the Office]wanted me to be a bad guy, but I don’t know, I guess with my less talk and more physical mentality of just going out there and reeking havoc it was something people grabbed a hold of. I don’t know if it’s because somebody in their life that they have frustrations where they want to destroy everything around them, because let’s be honest, if feels good to go out and blow off some steam and in real life you can’t do what I can do. I get to take a lot of my frustration of travelling and stress when I go out there into the ring because some of these stunts that I do I am really being physical with other human beings. I am really throwing human beings. When I throw Curt Hawkins through a wall, he’s really going through a wall. I think about it, yeah, I am this big, scary and larger than life human that you would think would be terrifying but I think as a kid to myself like what I would think of Braun when I was little Adam. I think like, man, I would be terrified, but at the same time I would want to see every week what Braun is going to come out and do because every week he comes out and has us going, ‘Wow!’ That is what I want to continue to do.”

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Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

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