WWE SmackDown Live star, Becky Lynch was a recent guest on Jim Ross’ The Ross Report podcast where she gave her feelings on her SummerSlam match changing and more.

The Irish Lasskicker discussed what sort of control she has over her promos on SmackDown Live, admitting she does tweak and alter things at times.

“I have got more control of a tweak than overall promo writing if that makes sense? If I see something I would be like “Well, I would not word it like that, so it is going to be difficult for me to deliver that.” I always want to sound like I am just talking as opposed to delivering a promo or some sort of speech, I try to look at it and make sure whatever I am saying has some depth that they can get behind so it is active verbiage rather than passive. I just make sure it’s my own words as opposed to just lines that I wouldn’t use in regular conversation.”

Lynch then talked to JR about Charlotte Flair being added to her SummerSlam match, making it a triple threat for the Women’s Title.

“I was not too surprised, I feel like its kind of par for the course, especially with my character, she’s almost there, it’s always almost there is always an obstacle that I have to move and that has been the thing that has gotten the fans so far behind me, things don’t come easy for me it is never a straight path. I feel like I always thought there would be something else that came along the way.”

JR also asked Lynch whether she would consider joining the other girls on Total Divas or another reality show, but that isn’t something she is too keen on doing.

“When I first got on the road there was a conversation about that but for me, I don’t think that’s in my future, I appreciate what it has done for the other girls but I would like to keep my real life separate from wrestling I do not forsee me on any form of reality TV show.”

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The Jim Ross Report

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