ROH star Christopher Daniels recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard ahead of his match against Stephen Amell at “ALL IN” on Saturday, and below are some interview highlights.

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On his goal at “ALL IN”:

“I am going to prove to Stephen this is a lot harder than it looks,” said Daniels. “I plan to show him how hard it can be in a professional wrestling ring.”

On why WWE fans should watch “ALL IN”:

“I hope WWE wrestling fans give this show an opportunity so they see what professional wrestling can be,” said Daniels, encouraging fans unfamiliar with the world outside WWE to expand their wrestling palate. “You’ll feel the energy from every wrestler in every match. It’s going to make you wish you were there. It’s the first-ever All In.”

On what fans can expect from Stephen Amell at “ALL IN”:

“I don’t expect him to be Lou Thesz, but the Stephen Amell you’ll see at All In is going to blow away the expectations,” said Daniels. “Still, the idea of winning at the first All In means a lot to me. I’ve always prided myself on being a great pro wrestler. That’s my game, that’s my music, and no one plays it better than me. You’re going to see Stephen Amell learn a crash course in Christopher Daniels 101 at All In.”

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Sports Illustrated