HBO comedian and political pundit John Oliver returned for round two against WWE this week, as he once again covered the worsening situation with regards to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In last week’s show Oliver introduced his viewers to the Greatest Royal Rumble, an event he rightfully called “wall-to-wall propaganda” for the Saudi government, while criticizing WWE for returning given the current international political climate.

On this week’s broadcast Oliver took things one step further, playing up recent reports that 16-time world champion John Cena had refused to participate in the event, and rolling footage of WWE fans booing the Undertaker’s recent promo hyping up Crown Jewel. Oliver joked, “I think the WWE itself just turned heel.”

The comedian then released his own promo for Crown Jewel, mocking that the company hasn’t gone far enough in its gratuitous “Respect is Out the Window” tagline for the event. He also showed footage of Titus O’Neil’s now infamous fall at the Greatest Royal Rumble. You can check out clips from the full episode, which we hope to have soon.

This is the first part of John Oliver’s complete and utter ethering of the WWE/Saudi Arabia deal on tonight’s “Last Week Tonight.” More to come, including their own Crown Jewel hype video.

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— David Bixenspan (@davidbix) October 29, 2018

And here’s part two of John Oliver’s ethering of WWE on the “Last Week Tonight” that just ended, including a special hype video for Crown Jewel.

— David Bixenspan (@davidbix) October 29, 2018