According to a report by Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, former Raw Tag Team Champion Dolph Ziggler is currently working injured.

Meltzer claims that Ziggler is suffering from a foot injury at the moment which is why he has been absent from TV recently, despite being so heavily featured in prior weeks.

The Showoff is scheduled to appear at tomorrow’s WWE Starrcade event, although that will depend on how the medical team feel about his injury. Ziggler doesn’t have a scheduled match at the moment and is listed as “also appearing,” so he could be simply used in the corner of Drew McIntyre instead.

Meltzer stated the following regarding the injury:

“Ziggler’s got a foot injury and he may be back within a week. He’s going to be evaluated again on Saturday. I believe he’s going to Cincinnati for Starrcade, he’ll be evaluated there. There’s a chance he may even be on that show if he’s OK.”

“They thought it was a break, which would have been a somewhat serious injury,” Meltzer continued. “He did not have a broken foot so whatever it is, it’s not that bad and they expect him back pretty soon.”

Thankfully, it appears to be good news in the sense that it shouldn’t be a long-term injury that will keep him out of action for long.

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Source :

Wrestling Observer Radio

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