The fifth episode of The Road to Double or Nothing has dropped on YouTube, chronicling the journey to this May’s highest anticipated All Elite Wrestling debut in Las Vegas. You can check out the full video above.

This week’s episode starts with Chris Jericho talking in third person, stating that All Elite Wrestling was taken “to a completely different level” by having him on the roster, claiming that he is solely responsible for AEW being a “force to be reckoned with”.  He lists off the Best Friends, Sonny Kiss and MJF as well as Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and “the new Cody” calling himself “the bridge” that brought them all together, and because of him they’ll all get a chance to become bigger stars.

Jericho then turns his attention to the match with Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing, saying he has to win because he’s the greatest of all time and it’s been bothering him that he lost in their first match, even though he admits Omega is currently the best wrestler in the world.

The episode then cuts to Cody’s office. Brandi walks in carrying a box full of noise cancelling headphones and other types of gadgets. She talks about AEW’s brand new partnership with KultureCity, which helps people with sensory issues associated with autism, PTSD, etc. She announces that Double or Nothing will be the first “sensory inclusive wrestling event in history”. Everyone in need will get a package at the event, and KultureCity will be training AEW staff at the arena.

Brandi then announces she has “gotten the go-ahead” to sign UK star Bea Priestly, which Cody gets excited about because she owns pugs. They argue over which of them gets to call her and make the formal offer, as Cody tries to pull rank, and the two end up playing trash can basketball, which they’re apparently terrible at.

In the next scene Brandi is sitting in Cody’s chair and makes the call to Bea on speakerphone, and offers her a contract with AEW. She can’t believe it and of course says yes, calling the offer “unbelievable”. She’s going to come onboard in July at their Fight For The Fallen event in Jacksonville, so I guess that’s now officially announced as well.

The final scene is Brandi doing an interview, and she goes “off camera” when it’s finished. Someone off screen asks her about Cody’s knee surgery, and she talks about the “stupid match” he has planned for Double or Nothing that she absolutely doesn’t want to see happen. They’re playing it up like the cameras weren’t supposed to catch that, and there’s potential drama brewing as Brandi doesn’t want the mystery match to take place, and Cody continues teasing it as being very “personal”.

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