In case you missed it, WWE commentator Corey Graves debuted a new in-ring talk show segment called the Electric Chair this week on Monday Night Raw.

The idea, although we’re still incredibly confused on several points, is that a new WWE Superstar will join him each week in the inexplicably rebranded third hour of the show for a sit-down conversation, answering questions from the fans in attendance.

Graves’ first guest this Monday night was none other than the so-called “Critic of the Critics” Sami Zayn, who fielded some incredibly stupid questions from fans, before name-dropping “AEW” during a rant about how the crowd could have asked him anything, but instead continually pitched him the dumbest comments of all time. He’s not wrong.

Interestingly enough, when WWE uploaded the segment to their YouTube channel, the mention of “AEW” and the brief crowd chant (Seth Rollins was sent to the ring immediately to stop the chant) were edited out of the footage. You can check out the segment above.

Also, if anyone can explain to us why the electric chair is actually necessary, or why Corey Graves had to stand in the ring doing absolutely nothing throughout the entire segment, please let us know in the comments section below. We’ve got nothing…

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