September 17th, 2019

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Despite the match being advertised as tonight’s main event earlier today by WWE, we are actually kicking off tonight’s WWE SmackDown Live with a huge six-man tag team match as the WWE Clash Of Champions opponents collide.

It is Big E and Dash Wilder who kickstart things here and the New Day member wastes no time in launching Wilder across the ring with a belly to belly, which he follows up by splashing the new tag team champion onto the apron.

Xavier Woods then joins the match and takes down Dash with the wheelbarrow assist, but The Revival member smartly attacks the injury of Woods and is able to bring in Scott Dawson, however, Woods’ speed proves too much for Dawson as he catches him with an elbow and then brings in the WWE Champion.

Dawson catches Kofi with a right hand and is able to bring in his rival, Randy Orton, but he is caught with a dropkick as Woods then returns with all three members of the group destroying the Viper with various splashes, keeping the pace too fast for their opponents.

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Kofi then looks to end the match with a Trouble In Paradise but Orton smartly gets out of the ring as the first commercial of the night begins. Back from the break and The Revival have managed to regain control, isolating Woods as the Top Guys work on the leg of Xavier.

Woods begins showing some fight though with some chops and slaps to Randy Orton, but the WWE veteran catches Woods with a poke to the eye in order to end the attack as he then begins throwing out big chops of his own, before he carries on attacking the injured knee of Woods.

Woods once again keeps fighting, throwing Dawson out of the ring, but The Revival smartly make a tag and Dash Wilder denies The New Day of the tag they desperately need. Woods then tries to connect with a DDT, but instead, Wilder sends him to the outside as Orton drops him onto the announce table.

As we return from another commercial, Kingston has made the hot tag and is lighting up all three men, hitting SOS to Orton, but Dawson is able to dive in and break things up in time. Kofi manages to send Dawson to the outside though and he gets taken out by Big E, who is then taken out by Dash Wilder with The Revival dealing with the former champions.

With the WWE Champion looking to burst through the ropes to take out his opponents, the Apex Predator smartly catches him and plants Kofi with a DDT from the second rope. Orton then brings in The Revival as they look for the RKO Machine, but Big E pulls Orton out of the ring and headfirst into the turnbuckle.

Kofi manages to take down The Revival with Woods diving from across the ring to land on Wilder as Kofi Kingston hits Trouble In Paradise to pin Dawson, bringing an end to a fantastic opening match.

Winners: The New Day

Wait a minute… BROCK LESNAR IS HERE!

The Beast, along with Paul Heyman have arrived on SmackDown Live, but why? Kofi Kingston tells his New Day brothers to walk away, as he stands tall in the ring alone as the former Universal Champion approaches.

Heyman introduces himself and Lesnar, who he claims is the man who stands in the way of the longevity of Kingston’s title reign. Heyman says that Brock has allowed him to inform Kofi that it is a bad day for the New Day, which means… Brock Lesnar challenges Kingston to a match for the WWE Championship.

The challenge has been laid down for the SmackDown Live premiere episode on FOX.

Kingston says when he won this title, he made a promise that he would be a fighting champion, so he accepts Brock Lesnar’s challenge, the title match is ON! Lesnar then goes to shake Kingston’s hand but instead destroys the WWE Champion with a huge F5.

Who do you see walking away as WWE Champion on the major FOX debut show? #SDLive

— Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1) September 18, 2019

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