WWE Hall of Famer Booker T claims he still has about “a quarter” left in his metaphorical gas tank, discussing a possible return for the 2020 Royal Rumble pay-per-view on the latest episode of his podcast, The Hall of Fame.

Thanks to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

“I’ve been getting a lot of workouts in, man. I’ve been trying to get my body right. I’ve been trying to get my mojo right, and I’ve been in the gym training, working out really hard. Sometimes I’ve been doing two a day, and I’m trying to keep myself in shape. Hey man, the Royal Rumble┬áis going to be right here in Houston, Texas on the 26th, right here in Minute Maid Park, and we’ve got people calling me out. I’ve still got something left in the tank. I just checked it out a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve got about a quarter tank left. I think I’m ready to use it because I think I can get about 200 miles on a quarter tank. You understand what I’m saying? I think I can do The Rumble as well as take that challenge as far as The Revival calling me and my brother out.”

It’s potentially important to note that Booker T also clearly stated that WWE has yet to invite him to perform at the Royal Rumble. He even gave the company a public ultimatum of just one week to get in touch with him, as he needs time to prepare both mentally and physically.

Booker T has not been a full-time member of WWE’s active roster since 2007, leaving the company after violating their Wellness Policy, only to debut in Impact Wrestling one month later. He returned as a surprise in the 2011 Royal Rumble, and of course took a job on color commentary, making occasional in-ring appearances.

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