The weekend’s nearly here and that means one thing – training time! Our readers have been asking for help on dealing with coughing fits in the swim, what the best TT bikes are for under £1,000 and more…


“I have been swimming since last August and have taken in my fair share of water when swimming, as I am sure many others have.  However last week for the first time I thought that I had inhaled some water as I had a choking fit and seriously thought this was it. I couldn’t get my breath and had to be slapped on the back and then given the bear hug. I eventually got my breathing under control but it was pretty scary.

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“I have looked on the web to see what is happening as I can’t be doing with this every week, as its very frightening and draining, both mentally and physically.  From what I can find it sounds like laryngospasm, where the larynse goes into spasm and closes up and it can last for up to 60 seconds. I am just wondering if anyone else has experience this whilst swimming and how they control it.  I am booked into a few open water triathlons this year and am really worried if I get a spasm whist in open water.” Lisa G 

“Garmin 920XT for sale – only used a few times, have bought a Fenix 3 instead to replace it. Fully boxed with all manual and accessories Include HRM Run chest strap to provide running metrics £320 posted. Thanks.” Chris Howe 

“We have booked a holiday in Mexico in November and I discovered that the Xel-Ha triathlon Maybe on whilst I’m there. Has anyone done this one and if so what advice can you give me?” A J 

“I have bought the Cannondale Caad 8.  I am yet to ride it out owing to looking after my children (priorities I suppose!) so am yet to do a decent ride! I had been told prior to purchase about the possibility of turning the seatpost round, but then forgot about this during the fitting of the bike.  I will be asking when it goes back for it’s service however in the meantime was wondering what the opinions were.  My bike has aerobars on. Thanks!” Meachley