Team 220 Triathlon are on the Isles of Scilly this weekend, where yesterday the full distance ÖtillÖ race took place in scorching conditions.


This is the second running of the British version of the Swedish race series, which this year saw saw 200 participants in teams of two compete, with athletes attending from 17 different countries. This year’s course was slightly modified from last year and took out one shallow section of swimming early in the race (which had seen many competitors wading), replacing it with an additional swim leg from the beautiful island of Tresco.

This meant competitors raced a total of a little over 37km, with almost 30km of running around the Cornish coastal trails and 8km of swimming across bays and between islands, with water temperatures ranging from 12-14 degrees C. What was very different was the air temperatures this year though – the swimrunners faced searing heat and direct sun, with almost no breeze.