Double Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno has in part appeared to apologise for the way he expressed his feelings towards Harry Wiltshire, claiming on 220’s Twitter page that “too many beers” may have been to blame for his strong words in an interview with Triathlete Magazine.


Frodeno claimed Wiltshire was swimming on top of him throughout much of the 3.8km Kona swim leg, and aired his feelings publicly in the interview. 

Frodeno begins by saying he had “a lot of lows” during the race, and that he “couldn’t break the swim group at the start which is thanks to Harry Wiltshire”, before looking directly at the camera as if to address Wiltshire and saying brazenly: “If you’re watching this, you’re a pr**k.”

Frodeno continued: “He basically swam on top of me and properly disturbed me intentionally the whole way back, that was a really unsportsmanlike move from him(sic).” 

However while Frodeno said on Twitter he “still didn’t think what happened was cool”, he did apologise in part for his language, hinting at the strong possibility that alcohol could have played a part.