The following article does NOT contian *Spoilers* for the show.

This week’s SmackDown! will feature a 1-night tournament to determine the #1 contender for The Great Khali’s World Heavyweight title. The winner of the tournament will face Kahli at next month’s Unforgiven PPV.

– First Round Tournament Matches are Finlay vs. Kane and Rey Mysterio vs. Batista. The winners of those matches square off and the winner of that match is #1 contender.

– Matt Hardy & MVP face Deuce & Domino for the WWE Tag Team Titles

– Vince McMahon’s quest to find his bastard son continues – including a major development

– Chuck Palumbo takes the Masterlock Challenge

All that and much more this week on Smackdown!

**FULL SPOILERS** from the SmackDown! Tapings! Tournament Winner REVEALED