Last night at Bound For Glory, we saw the seeds planed for Kevin Nash’s return to the ring. It was finally revealed why Nash has been hanging around Kurt Angle so much in recent months – Nash said he misses the main events and being around Kurt is the closest he’ll ever get to headlining a show again. During the main event, Nash got into the ring and helped Angle rough up Sting. It was the most in-ring activity Nash has had in a long time. Nash is currently negotiating a new contract with TNA that will pay him more money to return to the ring. There are plans to have Nash wrestle new TNA Champion Sting and eventually Kurt Angle, who he is now aligned with.

During last night’s Women’s Gauntlet match, there was a “wardrobe malfunction”. Unfortunately, it was the Amazing Kong who was exposed. During the gauntlet, several women worked together to throw Kong out of the ring. While being thrown over the top rope, Kong’s top came completely off and she was fully exposed for around 1 second. The announcers did not acknowledge the incident.

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