partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— A few WWE wrestlers are putting in a good word for former TNA wrestler Ron “The Truth” Killings. There’s no known movement on the part of WWE yet, but Killings is definitely interested in returning to the company should the opportunity arise. Killings was signed to a developmental contract in 2000, but released one year later in October 2001 when the roster was flooded with talent due to the purchase of WCW. Killings has gotten a part in the upcoming movie The Wrestler.

— Batista is starring in a commercial for Nutrabolics for their ‘Anabolic Window’ supplement. You can see the commercial at this link. ‘Anabolic Window’ is Whey protein that you take after working out. Batista appears to be the main endorsee for the Nutrabolics family of products and you can see a bunch of promotional items featuring him at

— WWE Sign Guy is featured on Deal Or No Deal’s “Road Trip” feature on NBC’s official website. Two guys go around the country to hang out with former contestants of Deal or No Deal. The two “Road Trip” guys hung out with WWE Sign Guy before a Raw taping in Moline, IL back in May. The video didn’t get posted until this month and you can now see the video of their experience with WWE Sign Guy at the Raw taping at this link.

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