– There was an interesting comment in yesterday’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review made by WWE’s lead attorney Jerry McDevitt. He said the following in regards to claims from the Benoit family’s against WWE: “You want money because your son murdered his wife and his child? Are you out of your mind? How dare you. What the hell are you trying to blame anybody for?”

– Mike Johnson of the Professional Wrestling Insider is reporting that it is likely Tommy Dreamer will team with Colin Delaney on next week’s edition of ECW on Sci-Fi to take on WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz.

– A good friend of mine is selling two WrestleMania XXIV tickets on eBay. They are awesome seats and from what he’s told me, he’s willing to let them go for a very reasonable price. Click here to check out the auction.

The Backstage Reaction From WWE’s INCEST Angle + Elimination Chamber *SPOILERS*