– The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a new article online today looking at the drug problems suffered in professional wrestling leading to several untimely deaths. The piece features a quote from Lex Luger who refers to himself as “one of the biggest cheaters ever” as he explains how he beat drug tests when he was a top star in the wrestling industry. Rick Steiner is quoted in the piece, as it lists him as a former professional wrestler where he says “With all that added revenue and demand, the pressure just increased… Either you knew how to handle it or you didn’t. And you compensated one way or the other.” The article goes on to mention the latest death in professional wrestling, Brian “Crush” Adams.

– Also in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution is an article on yesterday’s hearing in Georgia where the State delayed regulations proposed on professional wrestling regulations in wake of industry opposition. WWE representative, John Traylor commented, “It’s good they listened to people who know the business. These rules they proposed are ridiculous.” You can read the full article at this link.

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