Good ‘ol Jim Ross is back with another blog update from his official website. As always, there’s plenty of wrestling commentary inside, here are the highlights:

– Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I made a mistake in commentary on RAW Monday night when I mentioned that it was Hogan and HHH who were the only two men who had held the WWE and IC Titles at the same time. Of course I meant to say it was the Ultimate Warrior who defeated Hogan for the WWE Title at WM6 in the Skydome in Toronto and for the record the Hulkster did kick out at 3 1/2, by golly, if you are keeping up with such info at home. Several wrestling websites had my misspeaking as a headline of sorts on Tuesday morning. My bad…no excuses…but it won’t be the last time I fumble. For all of you that have done live TV and have experienced many different sounds in one’s headsets I am sure you know what I mean. Someone even nicely said I was “entitled” to make a mistake and all this time I thought that every human was “entitled” to make the occasional mistake. Shows what I know. The next thing that some Einstein will write is that “J.R. is undoubtedly slipping” or that “J.R. must have gone to happy hour before RAW celebrating his new contract.”

– Nice seeing Dr. Death Steve Williams and his son Wyndham in Norman last weekend as they enjoyed J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q a couple of times while Doc was honored at the OU Wrestling Dual Friday night. Doc has been cancer free for over 3 years now and has to go back to the MD Anderson Clinic in Houston once a year for a checkup. I would guess that Steve is about 280 pounds and he is still doing some wrestling, which I find amazing, and is working as a personal trainer with Bally’s Fitness in Lakewood, Colorado. For those cynics who think that miracles don ‘t happen, think again the next time that you see that Dr. Death still above ground.

– Do wrestling conventions featuring legends actually make the promoter’s any money? Just curious. Many of these promoters have to become adult, babysitters (is that an oxymoron?) to the fragile egos of some of the legends that are booked. I am all for these events being successful promotions and for the veterans making money, but it seems more often than not that occasionally the wrong people are booked, like those that really aren’t and most likely never have been fan friendly.

– Paul London has a foot injury that will see him back in action in a matter of only a few weeks for you Kendrick/London fans out there. I am a big fan of this combo.

– Jeff Hardy reminds me of only a few wrestlers who simply got white hot in a matter of weeks and is seemingly only a few steps away from establishing residency in the Promised Land. The question always is for any athlete is that once one gets there, how long can one stay on hallowed ground? For the naysayers who are adamant that Hardy will not win Sunday at MSG, I simply say stay tuned as we are in unpredictable waters and Jeff Hardy winning the WWE Title in Madison Square Garden would be one of those lasting “moments” that would live for years. Hardy may be the underdog Sunday, but so were the NY Giants last Sunday in Green Bay. Just throwing it out there.

– Many of the RAW fans I spoke with after RAW were disappointed that Ric Flair wasn’t on the show but “Naitch” will be a part of Friday Night Smackdown this week, as I understand it. Its hard to fathom that Ric’s next loss will be his last. The reality of the matter is that the legend cannot go on forever and that Flair is bound to lose at some point with the immediate question being will it be this Sunday in MSG?

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