Paul Heyman was interviewed this week by the Miami Herald. He spoke about working with The Sun for his “Heyman Hustle” video show, his time in pro wrestling and more. You can read the entire article here. Here’s what Heyman said about:

— His booking ability: “I absolutely believe I can out-book anyone in the industry today, but it’s a one-brand business right now. That brand runs differently than the type of writing and mechanisms that I use. I have no bitterness about the wrestling industry. I’ve lived out every dream and had the time of my life. But it wasn’t fun anymore. My time was up.”

— WWE using the ECW name: “You can cry all day long that the show is not ECW and shouldn’t be called ECW, but it’s their product. They bought it and have every right to do what they want with it. There’s nothing you can do about it, so why get upset over it? I’m not emotionally attached to the letters because there’s nothing to be attached to anymore.”

— Moving on from Wrestling: “My dreams are not confined to pro wrestling. I’ve got a lot of other dreams, too. Now is the time to chase them.”

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