Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun recently conducted a phone interview with Shawn Michaels about his upcoming WrestleMania XXIV match against Ric Flair. Michaels gave some very detailed responses when talking about his upcoming match with Flair, their bond, plans for him at WrestleMania last year before Hunter got injured, and more. Below are some of the highlights:

On admiring Ric Flair as a kid, Michaels said, “There’s just an emotional thing here for me and for Ric that I think is probably hard for a lot of folks to get a hold of. I’m going in there with a guy that, when I was 16 years old, I sat in front of the TV and I said, “Gosh, I want to be just like him. He embodies everything I want to be. Everything I picture the wrestling life to be, he’s it.”

Regarding original plans for him at last year’s WrestleMania, Michaels recalled, “At that time, like every other WrestleMania, there were a couple different ideas. That’s sort of how it’s been with me every year… The last call I got before Hunter went down was, “Well, we’re thinking about maybe you and King Booker, but we’re also thinking about maybe putting you in the Donald Trump thing. How would you feel about that?” I was like, “Well, Donald Trump and Vince [McMahon] will probably get all the focus and it doesn’t really matter who you put in the match.”

You can read a full transcript of the interview at this link.

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