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Preview: Best of the Best
August 18, 2008

In a first time meeting between two of Raw’s biggest Superstars, Batista was able to prove himself the better man by defeating John Cena at SummerSlam. Now that Batista has won, will he refocus on winning the World Heavyweight Title? Also, how will Cena cope with being beaten by The Animal?

Ever since winning the World Heavyweight Title, CM Punk has had to hear JBL doubt his worth as champion, even after he had already successfully defended his gold against the self-proclaimed “wrestling god.” The Straightedge Superstar followed up an insulting drinking contest offer from JBL on Raw by besting him once again in the ring at SummerSlam to retain his championship. Will JBL now give Punk credit where credit is due? And who will be next to step up to vie for CM Punk’s World Heavyweight Title?

Thanks to the incredible strength of Beth Phoenix, Santino Marella and The Glamazon won their Winners Take All Match making them the new Intercontinental and Women’s Champions. Now that “Glamarella” has proven their relationship to be a golden alliance, where it will lead to next? Will either of the former champions in Kofi Kingston and Mickie James come looking to take their titles back?

Also, last week on Raw, as per Raw GM Mike Adamle’s demands, Kane revealed that the burlap sack he carried around contained the mask of Rey Mysterio. Afterward, Kane just laughed in the face of Adamle before walking to the back. What did Kane mean by someone “scarred and tortured”? Has the Master of the 619 been victimized by the Big Red Monster?

For the answers to these questions and more, be sure to tune into Monday Night Raw at 9/8 CT only on USA Network.

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