Eric Bischoff has posted his latest blog entry on his official website, which you can read here in its entirety. Here’s what Bischoff said about Ric Flair’s departure from WWE this week:

But I cant help to wonder about Ric Flair’s motivation to leave WWE. In some ways, Ric Flair is in a simalar position to Brett Favre. In May I wrote in my blog “Finally” about how happy I was for Ric, that he could retire on a grand stage like Wrestlemania with the love, support, and respect from the people around him. To have the opportunity to retire in a way that put a proud period at the end of the last sentence of a great book that was Ric’s career is rare and should be appreciated.

If Ric asked for his release from WWE in order to pursue a career as a public/corporate speaker, I wish him the best. Ric is great in front of a crowd, and if charm and charisma were publicly traded commodities on the New York Stock Exchange, Ric would be a walking Fortune 500 company.

But if Ric is being driven by his “sense of self”, and is contemplating a return to the ring as a result, I fear,that the special moment that was Ric’s retirement and in many repects his legacy, will be diluted forever in the process.

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