— Carlito wrestled his first WWE match in nearly two weeks at last night’s SmackDown/ECW house show in Hampton Beach, NH. He defeated Ricky Ortiz in the opening match on the card, giving him his first loss in the company. Carlito beat him with the backcracker. Carlito still has the cornrows hairstyle he debuted at a house show two weeks ago, whereas Ortiz has hair similar to Carlito’s former hairstyle. On another note, this was Ortiz’ first house show match as a member of the main roster.

— ECW General Manager Theodore Long’s assistant Tiffany made her first appearance in front of a live WWE crowd at the SmackDown/ECW house show in Hampton Beach, NH last night. She defeated Victoria, Maryse and Cherry in a “Diva Dance Off.” The four then got in a fight and Tiffany & Cherry chased them off. In a funny note, infrequently seen ECW backstage announcer Lena Yada was the MC for the competition, and she introduced her as Tiffany, but accidently called her by her real name, Taryn, during her dance. Yada then called her Tiffany again when she won.

— Former Spirit Squad member Nic Nemeth is back on the road again, apparently getting another trial run of house show and dark matches for a possible call-up to the main roster. He lost to future SmackDown star Ron “R-Truth” Killings at last night’s SmackDown/ECW house show in Hampton Beach, NH. Ted DiBiase and Nemeth worked a number of non-televised matches back in May, but unlike DiBiase, he wasn’t called up to the main roster. Since he was last seen on television in late 2006, Nemeth’s bulked up, bleached his hair blonde, and wears wrestling attire similar to former WWE star Billy Gunn.

See Photo of Carlito’s New Cornrow Hairstyle