source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Vince McMahon was said to be really upset backstage as to how R-Truth’s debut on SmackDown last week came off. He wanted Killings to look like a top level star by looking strong in his first match and to sell nothing for Kenny Dykstra. There was some miscommunication as the road agents told R-Truth to do your standard babyface back-and-forth match by selling big at first and then doing a comeback.

— Despite being 5 foot 6 inches, WWE was interested in acquiring Lucha libre star Perro Aguayo, Jr., but he has expressed no interest in joining the company. He has a lot of power in CMLL and would likely make more money there than in WWE. Also, he’s got little confidence he’ll be used well in WWE.

— It’s interesting to note that the WWE Draft took place over two months ago and four wrestlers still have yet to appear on television. Carlito and DH Smith still have yet to debut on SmackDown television. On Raw, Deuce and Chuck Palumbo have yet to make television appearances. Carlito & Palumbo have worked a few house shows though. Smith has been appearing on Florida Championship Wrestling shows as of late and Deuce has pretty much disappeared. Reportedly, he was going to get repackaged, but they’re obviously in no rush to do so. Also, Big Daddy V and Trevor Murdoch were let go before the two could start on SmackDown.

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