— WWE Diva Kelly Kelly has posted a blog on her MySpace page (www.myspace.com/barbieblankwwediva) clearing up two rumors over her relationship status and a Facebook account featuring her name. Here is Kelly’s blog post:

I do not have a Facebook

hey guys. i’ve been asked about a facebook page with my name on it. it’s not me. i do not have a facebook page. only myspace and its this one.

i am not dating anyone new and i am still dating andrew just to clear those 2 rumors up. thanks for the support. love you all!!!

xoxo kelly kelly

p.s you can see a list of real myspace wwe pages at myspace.com/gshelms

— A page detailing MVP’s losing streak has actually been set up on Wikipedia. You can reach the page at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MVP’s_Losing_Streak. As of last week’s SmackDown, MVP has lost thirteen consecutive television matches in a row. On Friday’s SmackDown, Vickie Guerrero informed MVP that he has until Survivor Series to win a match and earn his multi-million dollar signing bonus from his original contract, or else pay it back.

— Scotty Goldman has posted another one of his trademark wacky blogs, this time talking about the WWEKids.com website, which features a number of games. As a result, Goldman has come up with some games they could do featuring him including “Super Goldman Bros”, “ScotTetris” and “Guess JWHO?”. {Almost on WWEKIDS.com}

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