In an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, WWE Diva Candice Michelle talked about a variety of subjects including who she travels with on the road, her thoughts on Stephanie McMahon & Torrie Wilson, if she minds bra and panties matches, the Diva to “watch for,” and more.

In an interesting note, Candice says her WWE contract is expiring this October — and she doesn’t know if she’s staying. She has interests besides wrestling such as acting and modeling, and when the time comes near, she’ll decide on what she wants to do.

It should be noted that WWE prefers to re-sign talent approximately a year before their contracts are set to expire. At least in part, this could explain why the former Playboy cover model has been sparingly used since the fall as the company may not want to invest the time and resources on an individual who could leave in the near future.

Here is the interview in its entirety:

10 Questions with Candice Michelle

You know what it is, you know what we do. It’s 10 Questions with WWE Goddess, Candice Michelle!

* All questions are fan submitted.

1.) Submitted by Jordan: Candice, who are your traveling partners?
– Oh gosh, I travel with Lilian a lot. It’s funny, when I first started with WWE, I would travel alone because I was shy and kept to myself. I wasn’t sure how it worked but once you get yourself out there, you make friends. I’ve been traveling with Lilian for about 2 years now. I’ve also traveled with Victora, Charlie Haas and Mickie James.

2.) Submitted by Devon: What do you do when you get to the arena?
– I immediately check the board to see if I’m on that night. It’s like back in high school when you tried out for a team and they’d post the list. Yeah, I run to that board and check to see if I’m on. If not, I hit the ring with Fit [trainer] and work, work, work.

3.) Submitted by Ashley: Who would be your dream opponent?
– Now that I’m a lot less green, I would love to actually have a storyline, buildup with Trish. She was such an inspiration to me. Hands down.

4.) Submitted by Dennis: How do you get into all those VIP parties?
– It’s not what you know, it’s who you know 🙂

5.) Submitted by Kevin: What are your thoughts on Stephanie McMahon?
– Stephanie, God love her. She is so amazing. She always steps up to the plate for us Diva’s. Always finding out ways to get more time for us or interesting storylines. She is such a powerhouse that I idolize her.

6.) Submitted by: Cody: What are your thoughts on Victoria’s retirement?
– Victoria is such a good friend of mine. It was so sad seeing her walk away from the business. I talk to her almost everyday though. She taught me so much and I can never say thanks enough to her. She was always taking the backseat to let the younger Divas step up.

7.) Submitted by: Carolyn: Torrie Wilson. Thoughts?
– Torrie, another good friend of mine. She has so much potential, still. I think we’ll see her back one day – maybe not as a wrestler but she still has an incredible fan base and she was never given the send off she deserved.

8.) Submitted by Adam: Where you annoyed with all the bra and panties matches?
– To an extent, yes. I mean it’s for the guys, obviously but overall we showcase no talent in that. It was ok, here we again same thing. But the fun part was going shopping with the girls for new bra and panties.

9.) Submitted by Kate: Who’s the Diva to “watch for?”
– Easy, besides me (laughs), Kelly Kelly. She is a star just waiting for her moment. She trains hard and is nonstop working at her craft. She’s amazing.

10.) Submitted by Jennifer: Plans for 2009/2010?
– Win that championship, baby! Times running out, my contract expires in October of ’09 so we’ll see where I’m at in that point in time. I mean, I would love to get into acting and do some more modeling. We’ll see, I love where I’m at right now. WWE is home to me and I can’t take it for granted.

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