— Jim Ross announced in a blog post this morning on his website, www.jrsbarbq.com, that R-Truth would be teaming up with Jeff Hardy to take on Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho at tonight’s Raw taping in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ross wrote: “From what I gather, the main event for WGN’s WWE Superstar broadcast that airs at 8 eastern and pacific is slated to be Jeff Hardy and R-Truth teaming up to take on Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler. Of course this is subject to change but if it does go down it should be an entertaining bout and certainly gives R-Truth and Ziggler some excellent exposure. I mentioned a few weeks ago that Ziggler was “Perfectly Rude” inferring that the Kent State Grad has Curt Hennig and Ric Rude-like tendencies which are good things in my view. Smackdown, so far as seemingly come out ahead on the WWE Draft or at least that my biased take on it.”

— Matt Hardy announced in a blog on his MySpace account that you can follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/MATTHARDYBRAND. He also said you can follow his brother Jeff at twitter.com/JEFFHARDYBRAND, and he has actually posted some messages.

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