– Lord Tensai’s claw finishing move has been modified for safety precautions. The hold now comes from the standing position, giving the opponent the ability to land back-first. The move originally started from Tensai’s knee, which caused the point of impact to be the back of his opponent’s head.

– Zack Ryder’s complaints that WWE edited his Youtube show and censoring him are likely just part of storylines.

– DigitalTrends.com has an article up looking at video game publisher Electronic Arts being on the lookout for acquisitions of gaming studios. With THQ in major financial trouble, they speculate that EA could take them over – which would give them the rights to the WWE video game franchise.

– MVP has posted a 30-minute discussion with fellow former WWE superstar Carlito. The two discuss their time in WWE, backstage heat, how working for WWE completely takes over your life and a lot more. Check it out:

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(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)