WWE Money In The Bank 2012 Live Coverage:


The pre-show starts off backstage with Zack Ryder and Santino tonight. Damien Sandow enters but Zack Ryder cuts him off. Sandow says he will win Money in the Bank tonight.

Hunico and Camacho vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

This is a non title match. Hunico grabs the mic says he and Camacho are the future of WWE. R-Truth and Hunico start the match. The champs in control early with solid offense and fast tags. Hunico tries to fight back but Kofi shuts him down and gets a 1 count. Truth tags back in and they double team Hunico. R-Truth has some good offense before Hunico gets the upper hand. Camacho hits trth with a cheap shot and tags in. Camacho hits a series of strikes on Truth before tagging Hunico back in. Solid back and forth action from both men and the crowd is getting into it. R-Truth hits a clothesline, powerslam and DDT on Hunico. 2 count. Kofi tags in and hits Trouble in Paradise on Hunico. R-Truth slams Camacho to the mat
and gets the pin.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Backstage, Jericho tells Matthews that his plan tonight is to win. Jericho says tonight, he becomes the G.OA.T.

WWE “Money In The Bank” PPV Opener:

The PPV opens with its’ usual bad-ass video package highlighting the history of Money In The Bank, as well as the storylines leading into tonight’s big event.

Smackdown Money In The Bank Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sin Cara vs. Tensai vs. Christian

The bell rings and all hell breaks loose. Everyone is flying all over the place. When the smoke clears, it’s Tensai dominating everyone, throwing bodies over the top left and right. Tensai brings two ladders into the ring. Tensai slams Kidd into one of the ladders wedged into the ring corner. Kidd and Christian fight back, each beating on Tensai with seperate ladders. They both grab one ladder and clothesline Tensai with it. Kidd, Christian and Santino all climb a ladder in the center of the ring, but Sandow knocks the ladder over, launching all three guys onto the mat. Ziggler and Rhodes now are alone in the ring battling it out. Sin Cara and Ziggler both go to the top rope. Cara tries something, but both guys kind of botch it and just fall down below. The crowd still popped for the spot anyways, and they showed a replay of the screw-up. Christian goes for a frogsplash onto Kidd on a ladder, but Kidd moves and Christian splashes onto the ladder.

Kidd is now alone in the ring. He sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring and begins his climb. He realizes the ladder is broken and sets up another ladder. Tensai stops him. Santino tries climbing a ladder but Tensai grabs him. They pretty much botch that spot as well. Tensai and Kidd are alone in the ring now. Kidd tries to climb but Tensai stops him. Kidd brings Tensai over the top and onto the floor. Sandow tries climbing but Sin Cara stops him. Sandow climbs. He actually gets his hands on the briefcase but Christian stops him. Sandow and Christian each take turns climbing the ladder but each guy continues to stop the other. Sandow lays a ladder diagnally in the corner. Sandow goes to powerslam Christian into it, but Christian stops him and hits a backwards DDT on him. Christian ends up spearing Sandow into the ladder set up in the corner. The crowd didn’t really react to that for some reason. Ziggler and Rhodes slam Christian into a ladder. They each try climbing on opposite sides of the ladder. Tensai pulls Ziggler off. Tensai then slams Rhodes off the ladder and throws him out of the ring. Tensai begins to climb. Kidd launches off the top rope and lands feet-first onto the ladder. Wow.

Tensai knocks him off. Santino tries stopping Tensai but Tensai kicks him away. Sin Cara climbs up but Tensai knocks him off as well. Christian hits Tensai with another ladder, finally knocking Tensai off the ladder. Santino and Christian are in the ring alone now. Santino knocks Christian out of the ring. Ziggler comes in but Santino beats him down as well. Santino pulls out the Cobra. Santino nails Ziggler with the Cobra and sets up a bigger ladder in the middle of the ring. Santino stops half way up his climb. He seems afraid of heights. Santino’s Cobra-hand brushes against the briefcase a few times. Sandow comes up the other side. Santino knocks him down with the Cobra. Rhodes hits a dropkick from the mat that finally knocks Santino off.

Rhodes throws a ladder into Santino and then lays it across the ropes. He grabs another ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Rhodes climbs but out of nowhere Vickie Guerrero climbs up and stops him. Rhodes is knocked off by Ziggler and now Ziggler begins to climb. Christian climbs the opposite side. Kidd does an amazing spot, leaping off one ladder to powerbomb Ziggler off the main ladder in the process. A “holy shit” chant breaks out as some replays are shown. That was the coolest spot of the match. Tensai clears off the announce table on the floor. He lays a ladder across the table and the ring apron. Sin Cara tries flying onto him but Tensai catches him and powerbombs him onto the bridge-ladder setup I just described. Ouch.

Tensai throws Ziggler over the announce table. Rhodes hits a big kick onto Tensai and runs back in the ring. Rhodes and Kidd are in the ring alone now each climbing up opposing sides of the ladder. Christian and Santino filter in now. Rhodes knocks Kidd off. Christian spears Rhodes off the top of the ladder. The crowd popped big for that. Christian comes very close to pulling down the briefcase but Ziggler very quickly runs up to stop him. Ziggler finally pulls down the briefcase. Ziggler wins.

Winner and Smackdown Money In The Bank Briefcase Holder: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Sheamus. Matthews tells him Ziggler just won. Sheamus isn’t interested in his future, he wants to talk about defending against Alberto Del Rio tonight. He brings up Del Rio attacking him with the car.

Sheamus says he’s a car guy himself. He says he doesn’t need fancy cars. He’s got the only ornament he needs, as he points to his title. He continues a long, boring comparison to “clunker-cars” and the damage he’s going to inflict on Del Rio tonight.

In-Arena Segment: The Miz

The Miz is introduced. Miz comes out in a suit. A “Miz is awesome” chant breaks out. Miz asks if we missed him. He says he’s been out filming a movie. He says he’s a bonafied movie star. He says he was treated well there after being overlooked so long in WWE. He brags about winning Money In The Bank before. He says he’s been added to the Raw Money In The Bank ladder match tonight. He claims he’ll win because he’s The Miz, and he’s a movie star, and he’s ….awesome.

World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio is out first in some kinda fancy-ass car. Sheamus is out next. Ricardo Rodriguez does his shtick and announces Del Rio in Spanish. Lilian Garcia follows by introducing the World Heavyweight Champion – Sheamus. And this one is officially underway. Sheamus out-powers Del Rio early, so Del Rio takes a break on the floor to recollect himself. Del Rio comes back in and bitch-slaps Sheamus. All that did was anger the big Irish champ. Sheamus is in firm control of the offense now.

Del Rio manages to get hold of Sheamus’s arm and is working on it early, likely setting him up for his arm-breaker finisher later on. Del Rio is now in control of the offense. Del Rio continues to focus his attack on the arm of the champ. Sheamus starts fighting back finally. Sheamus hits the Battering Ram off the top onto Del Rio. Rodriguez distracts Sheamus just long enough that Del Rio knocks him out to the floor. Del Rio slams Sheamus arm-first onto the ring steps. Del Rio slaps Sheamus while he’s down and then throws him back in the ring. Del Rio hits Sheamus with a clothesline off the top. Del Rio locks in an arm lock on Sheamus and the crowd starts getting behind Sheamus to make a comeback. Del Rio cuts Sheamus short on making a comeback and again goes to work on the arm of Sheamus. Del Rio goes to the well one-too many times and Sheamus finally cuts him off with a neckbreaker. Both guys are down now. Both guys get up and Sheamus clotheslines Del Rio down a few times.

Del Rio cuts Sheamus off again and scores a nearfall. Del Rio again goes back to work on the arm of Sheamus. Sheamus charges Del Rio in the corner, but Del Rio moves and Sheamus nails his bad arm into the ring post. Del Rio again with a pinfall attempt on Sheamus. Sheamus kicks out at two, but Del Rio goes right back to work on the arm of Sheamus. Sheamus finally starts making a comeback. Sheamus nails Del Rio with a big boot between the eys. Sheamus powerslams Del Rio down for a nearfall. Sheamus locks Del Rio’s arms into the top rope and hammers him the chest repeatedly. Sheamus nails Del Rio with the Irish Curse Backbreaker for another two-count. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick attempt and Del Rio counters it into a backbreaker for a two count.

Del Rio misses a flying kick attempt and Sheamus responds by hitting Del Rio with his White Noise move. Sheamus is calling for the Brogue Kick. Sheamus hits it and immediately pins Del Rio for the 1-2-3. Sheamus retains.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

After The Match:

After the match, Del Rio and Rodriguez beat down Sheamus. Ziggler’s music hits and out he comes with the briefcase. He nails Del Rio with the briefcase and turns around into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Ziggler is down. Apparently the ref never called for the bell, so Ziggler technically never cashed in his briefcase. Whatever, lol. Anyone without commentary playing right now wouldn’t know that.

Prime Time Players vs. Primo & Epico

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are out on commentary for this one. AW is at ringside babbling, as they didn’t turn his mic. off on time. Lots of high-flying action early on. Titus and Epico are the legal men now. Titus sends Epico back into the ring and stomps away at him. He hits a weird rip-cord styles slam before tagging out to Young, and front suplexing Young on top of Epico. Young pills Epico out of the ring apron and holds on to Epico while AW uses a pick to comb out Young’s fro. Titus tags in and stretches Epico up against the ring post, pulling back hard. Titus mocks Rosa with some dance moves. This distracts Epico allowing Titus to hit a big kick. Both guys tag out. Primo hits Young with a dropkick to the back that sends him into the ropes. Primo launches himself, coming down on the back of Young’s head. Young hits Primo with a codebreaker-type move. Primo rolls him up out of nowhere, however, and scores the victory.

Winners: Primo & Epico

After The Match:

After the match, AW claims it doesn’t matter his team lost as they’re still the #1 contenders. They turn their attention to the champs at ringside. They get in Kofi and Truth’s faces, but AW stops them, claiming the money isn’t right. Truth throws water in AW’s face. AW his mad but the Prime Time Players hold him back.

WWE Title: CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan [Special Ref: A.J.]

After the usual video package, special referee A.J. comes out looking yummy in her referee-gear. Next out of Daniel Bryan in a jacket, running down the aisle doing his “Yes!” chant. Bryan walks over and kisses A.J.’s hand. A loud “CM Punk” chant breaks out. Punk’s music hits and out comes the WWE Champion. The crowd pops big for Punk. Michael Cole says Punk has been champion for 238 days. He passes HBK’s last reign, becoming the 17th longest reigning WWE Champion. Remember that this match was made a No Disqualification match earlier tonight.

A.J. holds up the WWE Title and the match is officially underway. Punk leg-sweeps Bryan early on. They battle out to the floor and Punk chops Bryan several times. Bryan reverses Punk and whips Punk into the barricade. Bryan chops Punk a few times, screaming “Yes!” with each one. Bryan rolls Punk back into the ring and goes to work on the arm of Punk. Bryan is in control of the offense now, beating up Punk all-the-while screeching “Yes!”. So far, A.J. hasn’t been involved in the match. Both guys exchange chops. Then each guy exchanges a series of kicks. Punk finally wins out, knocking Bryan down with a big kick. Punk stops and stares at A.J. for a moment. Punk hits Bryan with a backbreaker and goes to the middle rope. He comes off but Bryan moves. Bryan kicks Punk in the back a few times. Punk knocks Bryan to the floor and then comes flying through the middle ropes, hitting a big dive onto Bryan on the outside. The two brawl to the back. Bryan goes for a sulpex on the aisle-way but Punk reverses and slams Bryan chest-first into the barricade. They finally fight back to the ring. Bryan knocks Punk into A.J. and A.J. falls to the floor. Punk goes out to check on her. While checking on her, Bryan comes off the apron with a double-axehandler onto Punk. Bryan throws Punk into the ringside steps and then checks on A.J. as well. Some extra ref’s take A.J. to the back. Back to the action, Bryan launches himself off the apron and nails Punk with a big knee. Bryan slams Punk onto the ringside steps as a loud “CM Punk” chant breaks out. Moments later, Punk clotheslines Bryan off the barricade. A “we-want-tables” chant breaks out. Punk obliges, pulling a table out from under the ring. Bryan attacks Punk from behind before he can set it up.

Bryan pulls a kendo stick out from under the ring. Bryan swings it twice, but misses both times. Punk rolls back into the ring. Bryan swings from the outside with the stick but misses again. Bryan gets in the ring but Punk takes the stick from him. Before Punk can use it, Bryan kicks him and Punk drops it. The stick is just laying there now and Bryan and Punk exchange blows. Bryan finally gets the stick and nails Punk with it for a nearfall. Bryan beats up Punk some more with the stick before finally setting it down. Bryan beats up on Punk in the corner. Bryan kicks away at Punk, yelling “Yes!” as the crowd repeats “No!” with each shot. Bryan goes to the top but misses a flying heatbutt attempt.

The crowd gets behind Punk, encourging him to fight back with a “CM Punk” chant. Each guy exchanges kicks to the mid-section. Now punches. Punk wins out. Punk lays Bryan out with a flying kick and a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Punk calls for the GTS. He goes for it but Bryan reverses with a headscissors into a pin attempt. He only gets two. Bryan nails Punk with a kick and now both guys are down. Bryan again assaults Punk with the kendo stick. A loud, dueling “Daniel Bryan-CM Punk” chant breaks out. Bryan is locking in a surfboard submission on Punk. Punk refuses to quit. Punk gets half way out, and grabs the kendo stick. He beats the crap out of Bryan with the stick to break free. And then he beats him some more. He tries a pin but only gets two. Bryan nails Punk with a kick and now both guys are down. Bryan again assaults Punk with the kendo stick. A loud, dueling “Daniel Bryan-CM Punk” chant breaks out.

Bryan is locking in a surfboard submission on Punk. Punk refuses to quit. Punk gets half way out, and grabs the kendo stick. He beats the crap out of Bryan with the stick to break free. And then he beats him some more. He tries a pin but only gets two. Bryan finally fights back a bit. He gets Punk on the top rope. Bryan nails Punk with a superplex off the top. As both guys are laid out, A.J. comes skipping down to the ring. She tells the ref to hit the road. A.J. is now the solo ref again. A.J. skips around the ring. A.J. goes to the floor and grabs a chair. She comes back in and sets the chair directly in the middle of each guy. She backs up and smiles. Both guys crawl to the chair. Bryan gets it and whacks Punk with it several times. He attempts to pin Punk but only gets two. Bryan argues with A.J. that it should have been a three. Meanwhile, Punk rolls Bryan up for a pin attempt. He only gets two. Punk grabs the chair. Punk whacks Bryan with the chair a few times and then wedges it into the corner.

A.J. stands in front of it. Punk goes to throw Bryan into it and realizes A.J. is blocking it. Punk yells at her to move. Punk moves next to the chair and Bryan hits a running knee onto Punk in the corner. Bryan goes to grab the kendo stick that is still in the ring, but A.J. is standing on it, not allowing him to get it. Bryan gets up and turns around into a big kick from Punk. Punk grabs Bryan with a chair and bodyslams him with it. Nice. Punk goes to the top. He comes off but Bryan puts the chair in the way and Punk nails it. Bryan locks in the Yes-lock on that same arm. He uses the kendo stick to pull on the neck of Punk. Punk gets the stick away from Bryan while still in the hold and bangs away at him with it to break free. Punk gets up and hits Bryan with the GTS. Punk is slow to crawl on top of Bryan for the pin attempt.

He finally covers him but only gets two. Punk stares at A.J. after the pin attempt. Punk goes to the floor and grabs the table he pulled out from under the ring earlier on. He tosses the table into the ring. Punk sets the table up in the ring. Punk places Bryan on the table and goes to the top rope. Bryan comes off the table and crotches Punk on the ropes. Bryan punches Punk on the top a few times and then Punk crotches Bryan on the ropes. Punk goes up and they’re both on the top again with the table set up below them. Punk back-suplexes Bryan through the table. Punk pins Bryan and A.J. counts 1-2-3. Punk wins and retains.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

After The Match:

A.J. hands Punk the title and Punk celebrates on the top. A.J. has a sad look on her face as she looks at both Punk celebrating and Bryan laid out in the table. That’s it, too. No pay off. I guess this feud/storyline is gonna continue. We’re left with A.J. looking sad/confused at both guys as we fade away into a video package.

Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Ryback

Hawkins starts the match off with Ryback. Ryback immediately bullies him down. Ryback military presses him up and slams him down. He crawls out to the floor. Ryback chases him out to the floor. As they go back in the ring, Hawkins tags in Reks. Ryback immediately knocks Reks down. Reks finally gets Ryback down and Ryback is actually selling a little bit for a change. Reks tags in Hawkins. Reks bodyslams Hawkins onto Ryback. Hawkins now goes to work on Ryback. Hawkins hits Ryback a few more times and tags Reks back in. Reks hits Ryback a few times and tags Hawkins back in. Cole, Lawler and Booker put over on commentary that Ryback is down more than he’s been in his entire career.

Just as they say that, Ryback slams Hawkins down. Hawkins tags Reks in and Ryback clotheslines him down multiple times. He bullies him into the corner and shoulder smashes him a few times. The “Goldberg” chants finally begin in the crowd. Ryback slams both guys down. Ryback powerbombs Hawkins down, holds onto him, picks him up again and powerbombs him right back down. Ryback yells “finish it” to the crowd. He picks Reks up and hits his Shell-Shock finisher on him for the clean pinfall. The streak continues.

Winner: Ryback

Layla & Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya & Eve Torres

Natalya and Snuka will start off this six-Divas tag-match. Tamina nails Natalya and then does the Superfly pose. Tamina follows up with a chop and a hip toss. Kaitlyn tags in and hits a back breaker. Kaitlyn attempts a nearfall. Phoenix tags in and stares down Kaitlyn. She slaps her. Kaitlyn slaps her back. Layla tags in and hits a bunch of running clotheslines. All girls brawl for a moment until Eve sends Kaitlyn out of the ring. Tamina hits Beth with a superkick and Layla nails her with a neckbreaker for the pinfall and the victory.

Winners: Layla & Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka

Raw Money In The Bank Match: Kane vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Miz vs. Big Show vs. John Cena

The bell sounds and all guys immediately go at it. Most guys battle out to the floor. Cena and Big Show are left in the ring. Cena knocks Show to the floor. Cena follows him out. We see Kane and Jericho fighting in the aisle way. Big Show enters the picture and throws Jericho into a ladder. Miz sets up a ladder in the ring and begins to climb. Cena stops him and goes to work on him. Big Show comes in and knocks them both down. Big Show knocks them to the floor. He’s in the ring by himself until he turns around and sees Kane standing there. Kane and Big Show brawl for a moment, but Big Show gets the better of him. Miz comes off the top but Big Show swats him away like a fly. Jericho comes at him with a ladder but Big Show knocks him away with ease as well. Everyone teams up on Big Show and they finally knock him out to the floor. Cena is out there still and sees Show laid out.

Cena clears off the Spanish announce table. Cena hoists Show up and hits the Attitude Adjustment on Show through the Spanish announce table. The crowd pops huge for that. Everyone slams ladders on Big Show while he’s down. Big Show is literally buried under a ton of ladders on the floor. That looks cool lol. Jericho goes in the ring and climbs a ladder. Miz pulls him off from behind. Jericho breaks free and locks in the Walls Of Jericho on Miz in the center of the ring. Jericho lets go just to dropkick a ladder into Kane’s face on the floor. Jericho knocks Cena off the apron with a ladder. Miz tries climbing the ladder in the ring but Jericho pulls him down.

Jericho throws Miz face-first into a ladder set up in the corner of the ring. Jericho begins to climb the ladder. He gets his hand on the briefcase but Cena stops him. Both guys are fighting on the ladder now. Cena nails Jericho’s head into the ladder, sending Jericho crashing to the mat below. Cena is left alone on the ladder now. Miz pulls Cena off. Miz is in the ring alone now. He poses to the crowd and then begins his climb. He gets his hand on the briefcase but Kane throws a ladder at him, knocking him down. Kane begins to climb now. Jericho tries to stop him but Kane reaches down and grabs him by the throat. He walks down the ladder, holding onto Jericho. Miz helps Jericho though, and they double-suplex Kane onto a ladder in the ring.

Cena comes in now and is clearing house of everyone in the ring. Cena slams Miz on a ladder in the ring. Cena calls for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle with both Miz and Jericho laying on a ladder. Cena brushes off both shoulders and nails them both. He turns around and Kane goes to chokeslam him. Cena reverses and hits an AA on Kane onto both Jericho and Miz on the ladder.

Jericho sets up a ladder in the ring but we get a camera shot that shows Big Show finally emerging from being buried under all the ladders. He enters the ring and knocks Jericho down. Big Show opens a ladder, puts Jericho inside it and slams half the ladder down onto Jericho repeatedly. The ladder actually broke in half, exposing the fact that they aren’t really steel ladders. Whoops! Big Show throws a ladder from in the ring onto Kane on the floor. Big Show chops Miz over the top rope and onto the floor. Big Show throws a ladder from in the ring onto Miz on the floor. Big Show smashes his body into a ladder that was squashing Cena in the ropes.

Big Show breaks another ladder in half. Big Show goes under the ring and grabs a super-ladder. This is one big-ass ladder, folks. It’s gold and black, too. You can tell it’s heavy by the way Big Show puts it in the ring. The big ladder is in the ring now and Big Show is in there by himself. He sets the big ladder up and moves it to the center of the ring. Big Show climbs the big ladder and gets a hand on the briefcase. Kane climbs up the other side to stop him. Big Show grabs Kane by the throat. Kane grabs Big Show back by the throat. Big Show hits the KO punch on Kane, dropping him off the ladder. Cena climbs up. Big Show head butts Cena down off the ladder. Jericho nails Big Show with a chair several times to finally get him off the ladder. Cena and Jericho are each climbing opposing sides of the giant ladder now, as everyone else are laid out inside and outside of the ring. Cena grabs a hold of Jericho from on top of the ladder.

It looked as though he was gonna hit the AA off the top, but Jericho swings over his back and slaps on a sleeper hold. Jericho is on Cena’s back with the sleeper, but Cena continues to climb anyways with Jericho still on his back. Jericho finally gets Cena off the ladder. He reaches up to grab the briefcase but Miz gets up there and gets his hand on it as well. Both guys are fighting over the briefcase. Jericho grabs the cable above the briefcase. Miz hits him and he swings away from the ladder, still holding onto the cord. He swings back and gets back onto the ladder. Miz looks to superplex him off but Jericho punches his way free. Meanwhile, Big Show is back and climbing the ladder now. Big Show hits the KO punch on both Jericho and Miz, knocking them off the ladder. Cena climbs back up. Cena uses the briefcase to block the KO punch from Big Show. He nails Show with the briefcase. Show falls down. Cena pulls the briefcase off. Cena wins.

Winner and Raw Money In The Bank Briefcase Holder: John Cena

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