WWE legend Mick Foley spoke with the official website of Marvel Comics to promote tonight’s Tribute To The Troops show on the USA Network. Here are some highlights of what Foley said about:

WWE’s Tribute to the Troops Special:: It’s changed a lot in that we’re doing them in the U.S. as opposed to overseas. It’s a major difference. By doing it in the U.S. we’re able to show our support, have a great time, and not put the guys who are on the road full time through quite as much.

His Favorite Tribute to the Troops Moment: “I think my favorite moment was announcing that we have been signing a lot of autographs and that it was time for them to sign some autographs for me. So I threw a t-shirt out into the crowd for them to sign, and an hour later it made its way back into the locker room covered. It was like a work of art. It just had hundreds of signatures in every conceivable place. After holding on to it for several years, I thought that it really should be displayed at WWE headquarters. So I sent it along and I believe it’s framed and hanging there. But I also had the chance dressing up as Santa to vanquish the bad Santa Claus who turned out to be JBL in a Santa’s toy match where I ended up pummeling [him] with an oversized sack. A match so bad it was good.

Foley also talked about comic books and which WWE superstars he would pit comic book hero Captain America against.

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